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Control systems

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Works with existing hospital bed control

The Trinity EBC can be operated via the Fallshaw standalone control system or supplied with cables to fully integrate with TiMOTION bed controls or with complete control solutions available from leading bed system manufacturers including LINAK and DEWERT. We can also work with original equipment manufacturers to integrate Trinity EBC with custom control systems if required, ensuring that it will be an integrated part of equipment controls with all castor functions integrated into the system logic and control panel of the equipment.

Retrofittable Fallshaw Control System

A retrofittable control system can also be provided. This control system is modular and can either be a standalone solution or may be paired with a central control system if already utilised to control other features of the mobile device (such as linear actuators etc.). In this case, the EBC control system plugs directly into the central controller to draw power (replacing the Y cable, battery and power supply components). Please consult your Fallshaw representative for more details.

Product code
EBC Controller
If a control system is already utilised to control other features of the mobile device (such as linear actuators etc.), then it may be possible to use the existing power supply for the Controller and prevent the need for Y cable, battery and power supply components. Please consult your Fallshaw representative for more details.
EBCCONTROLU (User-specified)
EBC Power supply EBCPOWERAU (Australian)
EBCPOWERUK (United Kingdom)
 (United States)
EBC Handset EBCHANDSETU5 (User-specified, 5 buttons)
EBCHANDSETI1 (Intuitive, 1 button)
EBCHANDSETI6 (Intuitive, 6 buttons)
EBC Control panel EBCPANELI1
EBC Cable set
Set of four cables (1.5 m). Different lengths available on request.

EBC sets

Trinity EBC can be ordered as a set. Each set includes:

  • One motion sensing and conductive castor
  • Three standard castors

Steering options

A Trinity EBC set can be orderd either with intuitive steering or user specified steering. Intuitive steering analyses and predicts the pattern of movement and engages the steering device, whereas user specified steering is engaged or disengaged by the steering device.

Build your Trinity EBC set

Use this guide to generate your Trinity EBC set product code which you can quote when speaking to one of our sales consultants.


Please note: The combination of “total brake” and “intuitive” steering is unavailable.

Select size
Select pedal position
Select colourway
Select brake system
Total Brake not available with Intuitive Steering
Select steering type
Cable compatibility
Water resistance rating
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