Winner of the WorkSafety Invention of the Year 2017

Winner of the WorkSafety Invention of the Year 2017

Every year WorkSafe recognise outstanding OSH management, solutions and innovation in Western Australian workplaces.

The Lifting Company were engaged by Fremantle Commercial Diving to provide a turn key solution for a working at heights application for cleaning and inspection services to potable water tanks across WA and further afield.

These large tanks often have varied levels of fall prevention in place and Fremantle Commercial Diving wanted to provide their workers with a reliable fall arrest and rescue system.

They consulted with The Lifting Company and after significant research and development, the Skyhook Mk IV was designed and built. The Skyhook MkIV is a unique truck-mounted fall arrest and rescue system.


The tanks have varied levels of fall prevention systems ranging from stairway access including large working platforms and handrails, to a ladder and roof only with no inbuilt safety systems present. Working at height and rescue plans need to be generated at each site specific to each tank and rely heavily on the integrity of the tank stand and tank. Many of these assets are approaching the end of their design life and almost all of them are unique in their construction. Creating safe systems of work at each tank utilising the existing tank infrastructure is often challenging and time consuming and requires a very high level of skill and experience in the dive team. Site based risk assessments are critical in this process.

The most problematic style of tanks from a working at heights perspective, are platform elevated tanks which generally around 15 m high and consist of a small tank located atop an elevated platform.

FCD engaged with Water Corporation, a major asset owner of these tanks, to gauge their acceptance of and support for the concept. Water Corporation undertook their own due diligence and eventually came back in full support of the project offering advice and assistance where required. When the decision was taken to progress to the build stage TLC engaged with WorkSafe WA early in the construction process to ensure the device would meet and exceed all required standards.

The SkyHook project from concept, through the design phase and to field deployment was undertaken through FCD’s management of change process with all internal and external stakeholders identified and involved as required. This included clients, regulators, suppliers and end users. TLC consulted widely with multiple industry suppliers and training providers during the construction of the SkyHook Mk IV to achieve industry first outcomes including accredited training for all FCD operators prior to use.


The SkyHook is a unique truck mounted mobile fall arrest system, the first of its kind to be designed and built.

Designed and manufactured to AS1891 and AS5532, the SkyHook has a reach of 25 m high and13 m radius. In a scenario where there is no WAH and/or rescue equipment installed on an asset or the available equipment is deemed inappropriate for use, the SkyHook MkIV provides a rated overhead anchor point for 2 persons (272 kg). The SkyHook has two 10 m LinQ Self-Retracting Inertial Reels attached to enable WAH in limited free fall at all times.

In addition to rated WAH anchor points, the SkyHook also provides a rated overhead anchor point suitable for rescue recovery of an injured person. This anchor point can be used with the factory installed Harken Lokhead INLH500 rescue winch built into the SkyHook, or alternately can be used to attach a RescueMaster or similar device.

Both FCD and TLC believe the SkyHook breaks new ground for innovation in an area where there is potential to prevent a significant number of injuries or deaths. The project has required extensive engineering and problem solving to reach the point of final delivery. We believe this device sets a new standard for “as low as reasonably practical” (ALARP) in many working at heights situations.


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