Concrete Lifting Clutch (Reid)

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Concrete Lifting Clutch (Reid)

The important markings to look for on Reid SwiftLift Lifting Eyes are shown in the diagram.

1. The manufacturer’s name/logo

2. Normal size or class of anchors the lifting eye is designed to be used with

3. A test tag showing that the lifting eye has been proof tested to the required proof load for the

particular clutch rating/class

4. Manufacturing Batch Certification – a unique number that identifies the specific batch of manufacture

Identification markings are required for the SwiftLift™ Lifting Eye to comply with AS3850-2003.

The SwiftLift™ Lifting Eye must be proof load tested every 12 months in accordance with AS3850-2003

The SwiftLift™ Lifting Eye has a FOS (factor of safety) of no less than 5 in accordance with AS3850-2003


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