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The type WP-OPG Order Picking Cage is tailor made to suit individual Forklifts and applications. Designs vary from a standard cage to include parcel tray, head protection guards, wheels, swinging and sliding access gates.

*** Manufactured strictly in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2359.1, the type WP-OP Order Picking Cage must only be lifted by a dedicated ‘Order Picking Forklift’. The load capacity of the Forklift will restrict the actual load capacity of the Order Picking Cage***

SPECIFICATIONS (for standard Cage):
• Safe Working Load (SWL) 1000kg
• Load Centre 600mm
• Unit Weight 168kg
• Pocket Size 140 x 65mm
• Pocket Centres 560mm
• Horizontal C of G 600mm
• Vertical C of G 210mm

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