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TLC Drawing: #1023

Engineered to Australian Standard
Tare weight: 0.050tne

The Working load limit ranges from 2.0tne (closed position) to 0.5tne (fully opened). Painted to industrial specification (custom colour available on request). This unit comes ready to use off the shelf complete with a safety swivel hook and restraining chain for anchoring the boom to the forklift.

The rated capacity of this boom is for the boom only. The capacity and overturning moment of the forklift must be checked before the boom is used and the boom derated if required. The load rating of the forklift must also be derated to 80% of normal capacity with this type of attachment.

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4.5tne Fixed Fork Jib
4.5tne Fixed Fork Jib
2.0tne Extendable Fork Jib
2.0tne Extendable Fork Jib