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Turnbuckle – eye-eye

Grade L
Please call TLC for other grades.
Turnbuckles are used to provide a means for length adjustment and tensioning. They are used with guys for masts, towers, tall structures and engineering applications. Turnbuckles generally have elongated eyes or clevis end fittings for connection to shackles, wire rope assemblies, pad eyes and the like. The main benefit of a turnbuckle is that it may have a greater ability to be tightened under load. Also, there may be a wider scope for providing means for locking while in service.

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Rigging Screw – Jaw / Jaw
Rigging Screw - Jaw / Jaw
Turnbuckles – Hook / Hook
Turnbuckles - Hook / Hook
Turnbuckles – Jaw / Jaw
Turnbuckles - Jaw / Jaw
Turnbuckles – Hook / Eye
Turnbuckles - Hook / Eye
Rigging Screw – Clevis-Eye
Rigging Screw - Clevis-Eye
Rigging Screw – Eye-Eye
Rigging Screw - Eye-Eye
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Rigging Screw - Clevis-Clevis
Turnbuckle – Hook-Eye
Turnbuckle - Hook-Eye