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Your Six Star Service at TLC


Is there anything The Lifting Company won’t do?

TLC were recently engaged to come up with a solution to install Chandelier’s at the new Crown 6 star Hotel in Burswood.

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With no precedent to work off, TLC designed, engineered and installed the lifting and rigging equipment, mounting and raising hardware in the ceiling space during the hotel build.  Working with minimum headroom we had to engineer a solution capable of raising and then permanently mounting the chandelier’s weighing up to half a tonne.

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Working to a tight timeline, the TLC team often worked late hours and weekends to install the chandelier’s without interrupting the many other trades working on site.

With one installation leading to another, TLC installed nearly 100 Chandeliers in total including the 4 stunning modules in the main hotel lobby.

For your next “Outside the Square” type of job, contact the team at TLC because “There is Always a Solution

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