Pallet Lifters

Pallet lifters & pallet jacks

Pallet lifting bars manufactured to request

The Lifting Company manufactures and supplies 2-tonne pallet lifters including their individual frames and lifting bars, for clients across Western Australia. They also manufacture lift trolleys and pallet trucks to order.

Heavy Duty Pallet Jacks

The 2-tonne heavy duty pallet jacks are available from the Lifting Company’s showroom in Kewdale, Perth and their online store. They have been built using high quality lightweight steel and are exceptionally tough.

Customised Pallet Lifters

Their manufacturing and metal fabrication facilities enable them to design and assemble pallet lifters to order. This includes:

  • Compact pallet lifters – a small robust pallet lifter designed for use while offloading pallets from trucks and other tight movement areas.
  • High capacity pallet lifters – specially designed pallet lifter that can carry in excess of 2 Tonnes.
  • Short model pallet lifters – the perfect pallet lifter for confined warehouse spaces.
  • Extended (or long) model pallet lifters – for use with extra deep pallets.
  • Narrow pallet lifters – built for use in narrow confined spaces.
  • Anti-corrosion pallet lifters – made from stainless steel for use in highly corrosive environments and maritime applications.
  • Galvanised pallet lifters – perfect for use in damp conditions and cold stores.
  • Wide model pallet lifters – used for moving plaster board, timber panels and other large objects.

A TLC pallet lifter is the lifting solution of choice for warehouses, manufacturers, transport companies and general removalists in Perth and Western Australia. Contact The Lifting Company about your pallet jack needs them now for a full catalogue or quote

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2tne Pallet Lifter Frame
2tne Pallet Lifter Frame
2tne Pallet Lifting Bars (pair)
2tne Pallet Lifting Bars (pair)