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An experienced team of rope technicians at your service.

The Lifting Company specialises in the manufacture of wire rope solutions. We have some of Australia’s most experienced technicians, who have extensive experience in hand splicing, machine swaging and poured socketing. Contact us today to discuss your wire rope requirements.

All ropes are produced to comply with the requirements of the necessary Australian Standards. We hold a large range in our Kewdale warehouse from 1.5mm upwards in galvanised, non rotating, plastic coated, superflex and stainless steel wire rope.

We’re also galvanised wire rope suppliers, stocking 1×19 and 1×7 galvanised strands.


We have the following products in stock:

  • 6×36 IWRC
  • 7×19 WSC
  • 18×7 non rotating
  • 35×7 rotation resistant
  • 6×19 fibre core
  • 6×7 fibre core PVC coated
  • 7×7 stainless steel
  • 7×19 316 stainless steel
  • Superflex
  • Wire rope slings made to order

We also stock accessories such as wire rope grips and fittings.

What could be damaging your wire rope?

Wire ropes are made of multiple wires twisted into strands, wound around one another to form wire rope and are considered superior in durability.

When properly sized and lubricated, a wire rope should last for many years, even with frequent use. However, there are certain elements that can cause breakage:

  • Wear in areas that have contact with hoist sheaves and drums
  • Corrosion which is caused from lack of lubrication and exposure to heat or moisture
  • Repeated bending, even under normal operating conditions, can cause the wire to become fatigued
  • Overloading the safe working limit
  • Mechanical abuse such as crushing, cutting or dragging
  • Using the rope when it is frozen or too stiff
  • Kinks caused by improper installation of a rope
  • Crushing, which his caused by spooling onto multi-layer drums

Why your ropes need replacing

Wire rope is tough and durable, but is expendable and will eventually reach the end of its safe service life.

A breakage can pose hazards to equipment operators and any persons working nearby. If you see a damaged wire rope, play it safe and assume that it can break at any time. Rope deterioration becomes noticeable through the presence of broken wires, surface wear, corrosion, or wire or strand distortion due to mechanical abuse.

Your ropes must be inspected and tested at appropriate intervals.

Why choose The Lifting Company?

The Lifting Company always endeavours to provide you with the fastest turnarounds on all orders. We are considered one of the leading distributors in Western Australia, and, consistently provide some of the best pricing and delivery times in Perth.

We are certified to manufacture Offshore Lifting Sets to DNV 2.7-1 standards. Contact us today for more information.

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1×19 Galvanised Strand
1x19 Galvanised Strand
7×7 Stainless Steel
7x7 Stainless Steel
1×7 Galvanised Strand
1x7 Galvanised Strand
35×7 Rotation-Resistant
35x7 Rotation-Resistant
6×19 Fibre Core
6x19 Fibre Core
6×7 Fibre Core
6x7 Fibre Core
6×36 IWRC
6x36 IWRC