AGV Cart Castors

Based on our M and O Series castors, AGV Cart Castors are fitted with a self-aligning device that automatically aligns the castor with the AGV. Designed for AGV delivery carts, these castors can carry up to 500 kg each and are available in stainless steel or mild steel finishes.

Fitted to your existing carts and trolleys, the AGV Cart Castor ensures that when an AGV picks up your cart, the castors stay in line with the AGV and do not swivel, thereby avoiding accidental contact with walls, pedestrians or the AGV itself.

If your organisation utilises AGVs only in pedestrian-free areas, and then switches to towing carts with powered tugs in pedestrian areas, our self-aligning direction-lock castors ensure that your cart can be towed safely, without it swerving from side to side.

Minimum order quantities
Adding the self-aligning device requires piercing the fork. Mild steel versions can be made to order with minimum order quantities (200 pieces), however, as the self-aligning device cannot be added to an already-plated mild steel fork without damaging the corrosion protection, mild steel forks are not stocked and need to be made to order. No minimum order quantities apply to stainless steel versions.

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AGV Cart Castors
AGV Cart Castors