Euro Hitch

The QEH25 EURO HITCH CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY comes as carriage only and is ready to attach quickly to your machine allowing for easy and safe handling of palletised goods. The carriage has a rated capacity of 2500kg and is designed for use with a tractor or loader fitted with a Euro Quickhitch.
Check measurements in photo 4 for compatability with your machine.

The QEH25 carriage has been designed for easy fitment of a large range of optional accessories including fork tines, loadguard, towing hitch, lifting jibs (3 sizes available) and bale spears (3 sizes available).

Fully certified with compliance plate attached. This attachment and accessories have been designed strictly in accordance with AS2359.1 and ISO23206, with independent engineer’s verification of all design capabilities. All maximum load ratings given are for the attachments only. The rating of the loader should be confirmed by the manufacturer and the residual capacity reduced if required.
* Working Load Limit (WLL) 2500kg @ 500mm load centre
* Width 1200mm x height 550mm (1140 with optional loadguard)
* HCG: 45mm
* VCG: 39mm
* Weight: 66kg
* Fitted with Euro 8 Hitch lugs
* Black enamel finish on carriage

Accessories available to fit the QEH25 include:
* FA25-107 Fork Tines
* QEH25LG Bolt-on Loadguard
* QEH25TH Towing hitch complete with towball (WLL1500kg)
* QEH25LH 420mm long Lifting Jib with shackle and hook (WLL 2500kg@300mm LC)
* QEH25LHX 1000mm long Lifting Jib with shackle and hook (WLL 800kg@800mm LC)
* QEH25LHX2 1750mm long Lifting Jib with shackle and hook (WLL 400kg@1600mm LC)
* FLF25-90 Fork Shank and Bale Spear Conus I 36mm dia x 970 clear length
* FLF4-90 Fork Shank and bale spear Conus II 45mm dia x 900 clear length
* FLF4-110 Fork Shank and bale spear Conus II 45mm dia x 1100 clear length

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QEH25 Euro Hitch Carriage
QEH25 Euro Hitch Carriage