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The ergonomic BTL200 Spring Lift Table is designed to position and rotate pallets at an optimal work height when loading or unloading. Nearside loading reduces workplace injuries and strain caused by bending and reaching over the pallet whilst carrying heavy loads and increases productivity as there is no need to walk around pallets.

• Allows ergonomic loading and unloading of heavy pallets, cages and bins by one person in factories and warehouse operations
• Self levelling mechanism allows table height to vary between 230 to 705mm high
• Rotating upper ring allows access to all sides of pallet
• Rotational lock ensures safe loading operation
• Supplied with 3 springs (1-3 used depending on weight of pallet)
• Shock absorber provides gradual and controlled raising and lowering
• Fork pockets fitted for easy handling and positioning around the workplace by forklift
• Zinc finish

Overall dimensions: 1200mm long x 1130mm wide
Working Load Limit (WLL): 2000kg
Unit Weight: 110kg
Durable longlife Zinc finish.

*IBC not included – shown for display purposes only

The Lifting Company (TLC) is a Western Australian owned and operated company, which was formed in 2001 to provide specialised Lifting, Rigging, Height Safety, Material Handling products and services to Perth’s construction, mining, industrial, and engineering sectors.

TLC is committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence in its products, services and personnel. It strives to be the most reputable and reliable product and service provider in the lifting, rigging and height safety industry.

The Lifting Company is proud to have a dedicated core team of specialists with capability to design, engineer, manufacture, test and certify quality lifting, rigging and height safety equipment.

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BTL200 Spring Lift Table
BTL200 Spring Lift Table
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BTS10 IBC Bin Tilter