Scrap Grapple

Scrap grapples are used for handling large-volume bulk goods such as waste paper, waste fabric & remnants of fibre, as well as steel, wood and plastic chips.

There are two types of scrap grapples. Voluminous and bulky goods are handled by the version with a fork attachment, which can also be tilted forward 45°. For small bulk goods, the bucket attachment is used, which is tilt-able 45° forward and backward. The sidewalls of the bucket are largely cut out in order to keep penetration resistance low. With both versions, the goods to be handled are secured by means of a hydraulic claw which can be opened wide for picking up goods.

The Lifting Company (TLC) is a Western Australian owned and operated company, which was formed in 2001 to provide specialised Lifting, Rigging, Height Safety, Material Handling products and services to Perth’s construction, mining, industrial, and engineering sectors.

TLC is committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence in its products, services and personnel. It strives to be the most reputable and reliable product and service provider in the lifting, rigging and height safety industry.

The Lifting Company is proud to have a dedicated core team of specialists with capability to design, engineer, manufacture, test and certify quality lifting, rigging and height safety equipment.

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Scrap Grapple Bucket Attachment
Scrap Grapple Bucket Attachment