Fork Clamps

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The Lifting Company (TLC) is a Western Australian owned and operated company, which was formed in 2001 to provide specialised Lifting,
Rigging, Height Safety, Material Handling products and services to Perth’s construction, mining, industrial, and engineering sectors.

TLC is committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence in its products, services and personnel.
It strives to be the most reputable and reliable product and service provider in the lifting, rigging and height safety industry.

The Lifting Company is proud to have a dedicated core team of specialists with capability to design, engineer, manufacture,
test and certify quality lifting, rigging and height safety equipment.

Fork clamps allow forks to be adjusted beyond the width of the lift truck. Due to their robust construction and appropriate cylinders with check valves, a powerful clamping force can be generated and maintained between the forks. Special slip-on arms enable pallet-less handling of different goods and versatile load handling, for example block and brick clamp arms for construction material or drum clamp arms for drum handling. By installing an adjustable pressure relief valve the clamping pressure can be changed. Fork clamps can be combined with separate sideshift or a sideshift valve. With rotatable fork clamps different types of bins can be handled and emptied sideward.

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Fork Clamp
Fork Clamp