Concrete Washout Bins

The CPC CONCRETE WASHOUT BIN is a safe, effective on-site solution for handling line cleans for boom and line concrete pumps. Designed for optimal safety, its heavy-duty construction with waste intake pipe and air vent removes the risk of injury caused by blowouts during line cleaning. Available in 3 options, the containment bin ensures EPA compliance by preventing pollution from run off and cleanly stores cement waste. Disposable concrete washout plastic insert bags are available to make collection and disposal of waste easy, fast and cost effective.


Suitable for use with boom and line concrete pumps
Can safely be used with compressed air and water line cleans
Easily removable exhaust air vent for sponge recovery
Lid is fitted with crane lugs and fork pockets for easy fit up and removal
Lid is secured to bin by safety chains in 4 points
Bin is fitted with crane lugs for both lifting and upending load and 4-way entry fork pockets
Multiple bins can be nested for storage and transport when not in use
125mm NB waste intake pipe for quick and safe connection
Optional reducers available to suit 100/80/50mm pipelines
Paint/Galvanised finish

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CPC Concrete Washout Bin
CPC Concrete Washout Bin